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maakurinohime here!

How was everyone's holidays and breaks? I hope they were good to you all =3

Now onto the group matters:

:bulletred: I am currently awaiting a response from someone about making us a journal skin of our own now that we are a premium group, so hopefully that comes through!

:bulletred: The contest is over and the contest folder is no longer available to submit to.
Hopefully within the next 2-3 days the winners will be announced and I'll be sending out notes to those winners about their prizes.

:bulletred: Also speaking of folders, everyone has done a lot better with submitting to the correct folders. Still a few here and there that forget or don't read the rules, but not as much before and I'm very pleased with that! Please keep it up! =)

:bulletred: I'm also going to go and rewrite the rules again, making some things much clearer in words and possibly with some examples from google. So, once that is done later today-I ask that you all reread them please.

:bulletred: Folders-any suggestions on new ones? Or are the ones that we have good? One I was thinking about adding in was "alternate universes"
HybridYuki Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i think the alternate universe one would be a good one to add b/c then peeps could still submit canon-but-not-really fan art such as made up transformations or som'n.
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Submitted on
January 12, 2012